Sample letter to your congressman asking for help in Burma

Write a letter to Secretary Blinken urging the following:


  1. To put pressure on the Burmese military 
    1. to allow the UN agencies including UNHCR to go to Chin State to deliver humanitarian assistance to the internally displaced persons in Chin State, Burma, especially in Thantlang townships. We learned that UNHCR has sought a travel authorization from the military to travel to Chin State, but the military has not granted it. 
    2. to permit the UN agencies to establish offices in Chin State immediately, especially UNHCR in Hakha, the capital of Chin State.
    3. to halt the inhuman acts and also hold accountable the military  who committed crimes. 


  1. To engage India to allow UNHCR in New Delhi to register over 20,000 newly arrived Chin refugees in Mizoram State, India and also to deliver aid to both the refugees and the local communities that are welcoming them.


Download: Sample Letter