Report on the Chin Association of Maryland Trip to Mizoram, India
(April 6 to April 23, 2024)

May 2024

Public Health on the Indo-Burma Border: The Situation of Chin Refugees in Mizoram

January 2024

Chin Association of Maryland 2023 Annual Report: The Persecution of Christians in Burma

January 2024

Chin Refugees in India’s Mizoram State: Helping the Refugees and Supporting the Local Communities Welcoming Them

June 2023

Zo Tum Hmung, Executive Director, Chin Association of Maryland (CAM), Reverend Timothy Siemens, Board Chair, and Matthew Wilch, Advisor, travelled to India from March 10, 2023, to March 24, 2023.

Two Years After the 2021 Military Coup: The Worsening Situation of Christians Across Burma

January 2023

Seventeen Months After the Military Coup in Myanmar/Burma: Escalating Persecution of Chin Christians in Chin State and Sagaing Region

June 2022

After the 2021 Military Coup in Myanmar/Burma: Challenges for Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees

October 2021

UNPROTECTED: Chin IDPs in Chin and Rakhine States, Myanmar/ Burma

September 2020

Unsafe: Chin Refugees in Malaysia and New Delhi, India

September 2020

Seeking Refuge: The Chin People in Mizoram State, India

December 2011

We welcome this report as a thoughtful and thorough explanation of the daunting challenges facing a large group of Chin people, an ethnic and religious minority group that has fled over the years from the persecution of the Burmese military regime to Mizoram State, India.