Burma Advocacy Group

Convened by the American Baptist Churches

March 1, 2022

Dear Pastor/ Leader:

I write to you to ask your church to participate in a signature campaign promoted by the Burma Advocacy Group, a coalition convened by the American Baptist Churches Commission on Burma Refugees. The Burma Advocacy Group (BAG) is a group of leaders from associations, churches, community groups and acting with one voice to advocate for the passage of the Burma Bill.  Representatives from the following organizations are participating:

-American Baptist Churches USA,                              -International Advocacy Baptist Collaborative,                   

-ABC of Greater Indianapolis,                                    -Kachin Alliance of USA,

-ABC of Nebraska,                                                       -Kachin American Baptist Association,

-Baptist World Alliance and 21 Wilberforce,             -Kachin Baptist Churches USA,

-Burmese American Community Institute,               -Karen Baptist Churches USA,

-Burmese Refugee Commission,                                -Karen Organization of America,

-Chin Association of Maryland,                                  -Karenni Baptist Churches USA,

-Chin Baptist Association North America,                -Mizo Society of America,

-Chin Baptist Churches USA,                                      -Myanmar Baptist Churches USA,

-Chin Community of Indiana,                                     -U.S. Campaign for Burma,

-Grassroots Movement for Burma,                           -U.S. Chin Coalition.

We would like to give a special thanks to our friends at www.21Wilberforce.org for partnering with us as

we defend freedom and justice in Burma.

The Goal of the Campaign is to gather and submit as many signatures as possible to our US Senators and Representatives to request them to pass the (revised) Burma Bill that is under consideration.  The Burma Advocacy Group believes the Burma Bill is our greatest opportunity to achieve:

  1. an end to the human tragedy and crimes against humanity in Burma,
  2. an end the brutal military dictatorship in Burma, and
  3. an opportunity to achieve a federal democracy in Burma for which the people of Burma have been giving their lives.

Please promote the Signature Campaign in your congregation as well as with other churches and community groups who might participate to help pass the Burma Bill.  We ask you 1) to share the campaign information in this letter and attached petition with your congregation and others via your website or other means. 2) We suggest you ask your youth group to assist any who need help to sign with the QR code by walking them through the QR process.  Hard copies of the petition, which is attached, may be printed for people to sign. Signed hard copies must be photographed and emailed to Burmaadvocacygroup@gmail.org.  This is another task your youth group might do.

The announcement on the next page has been included for you to share in your Sunday bulletin along with the petition. The deadline for gathering signatures is March 31, 2022.

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. A. Roy Medley, Convener

General Secretary Emeritus, American Baptist Churches


Join our Signatures Campaign: Burma Advocacy Group