• Support Vital Services 
  • Homeownership and Financial Literacy 
  • Immigration Services
  • Community Garden
  • Summer Learning Programs
  • Leadership and Organizational Development
  • Cultural and Literature Events
  • Chin Paih (wrestling championship)
  • Census 2020
  • Voter Education


Provide Support Services 


CAM provides vital support services to the Chin community in Maryland. The services include facilitating access to mainstream government benefits such as food stamps, healthcare, etc., CAM also provides employment services, translation and interpretation services, Referral services, Youth Mentorship and After School Activities and conducts education system workshops in the United States for quality education.


Translation and referral services are Medicaid applications, employment interviews, applications, hospitals, clinics, Court hearings, and Driving Licenses.


Home Buying and Financial Literacy


In partnership with Howard County Department of Housing and Community Development, we had been conducting the financial and housing educations among Chin communities. Over ten Chin families have purchased the properties in Howard County under the Affordable Housing Unit. They attended home buying workshops and counseling for budgeting, and credit scores, etc. Over ten Chin families have purchased the properties under the MIHU programs. See picture

Ahmingko – photos


Immigration Services


CAM itself provides key support for Chin refugees doing legal processing after they arrive in the United States:  translations for applications for Lawful permanent residence, Citizenship preparation, Work Authorization, Family petitions, etc.


We also partner with the Law Office of James Montana, LLC. For family reunification applications with USCIS in the U.S. and with the U.S. Embassy in Rangoon, UNHCR in Malaysia. Since a Presidential Proclamation, which bans family reunification, Chin families face even more challenges. 


We also seek help from Congressional offices for pending cases. We provide legal rights and education, including Know Your Rights.


Community Agricultural Garden

In Chin State, agriculture is the main livelihood for Chins. Almost every Chin household has a garden. Therefore, Chins know about and enjoy gardening. Working in a community garden provides a way for us to gather and helps mental health as well.


Since 2014, Chin families have been doing community gardening in Howard County, Maryland. 

See garden pictures— take pictures from CIANUSA photos


Summer Learning Programs

The purpose of Summer Learning Programs is to teach Chin elementary and middle school students to teach English and Mathematics. In August 2019, we successfully conducted the learning programs with the support of Grace Community Church in Fulton, Maryland and Howard County Department of Community Services. Our volunteer teachers are from Chin High School and college students, Grace Community Church, and others. 

Pictures. Facebook photos-groups, Rev. Dr. Hre Kio, Rev. Joseph N. Bawihrin, Pastor Tae and groups                                                                                                                


Leadership and Organizational Development

  • Organize workshops, trainings, and conferences 
  • Participate in other trainings including leadership trainings and workshops 

Board Chairman and Executive Director had participated in the leadership trainings organized by Howard County

CAM organized the Strategic Planning with the help of professional consultants in 2019.

As a result of this, we have formed several Committees including Chin New Year Celebration Committee, Community Garden Committee, Advocacy Committee, Fundraising Committee, etc.

See pictures of Strategic planning from Facebook 


Cultural and Literature Events

  • Organize Chin New Year Celebration
  • Organize Chin Paih (wrestling)
  • Participate at the Chin National Day Celebrations
  • Culture and Literature Seminar
  • We also conducted Seminars about Chin New Year and other Chin festivals preserving our culture in our new homeland. 


In October 2019, CAM organized the Chin New Year Celebrations. 

The participants included Church leaders from Chin State, Burma.

Gov. Larry Hogan sent us a message and delivered. Council Chairwoman Rigby also delivered a remark. 


Photos – Rev. Dr. Za That, Rev. Dr. H. Siang Kung, Van Hlei Sung, Rev. Dr. C Duh Kam

Bamboo Dances


Chin Paih (wrestling) Championships


As a part of our tradition and culture, CAM organized Paih (Chin wrestling) in October and December 2019. The wrestlers included from Texas, Indian, North Carolina, and Illinois.

See pictures. Champions – Uk Ling Thang, Sang Hlei Thang, Van Mawng, Ngun Lin Uk—and others. 

Rev. Tim Siemens. Tial Cung Thang, Sayama Tin Tin, Pu Lian Uk, Van Hlei Sung


Census 2020

CAM works with the Howard County 2020 Census 

Executive Director participates at the Count Committee as its member

Volunteers conduct community outreach to Chin communities

Volunteers educate Chin community by social media and youtube

Volunteers educate Chin community via media interviews including with the County


Photos – websites

Translations – About Census


Voter Education

Educate about the voter registration via social media and Chin community media outlets

Educate Chin community via virtual discussion

Organize Talk Show on presidential elections via zoom