Burmese Fighter Jets Attacking Camp Victoria in Chin State, Burma,
Also Drop a Bomb on Mizoram State, India

January 10, 2023

Washington, DC — On January 10, 2023 around 5:15 p.m. local Burma time, Burmese military fighter jets dropped at least four explosive devices on Camp Victoria, the Headquarters of the Chin National Front/Chin National Army in Chin State, Burma, near the border with Mizoram State, India, a source familiar with the situation confirmed with the Chin Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAM). A video of the attack has been posted on YouTube. CAM learned that five members of the Chin National Army (CNA) were killed in the attack.

A credible source also informed CAM that at least one bomb landed on Indian soil and damaged the truck of a villager from Farkawn Village in Mizoram State, India, which borders Chin State, Burma. CAM confirmed that the bomb landed about 50 meters away from the truck and destroyed its front mirror, but that the owner of the truck was able to escape and hide from the attackers. CAM received a photo of the truck but has not released it to protect the owner of the truck.

The Chin Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAM) issues the following statement:

  1. CAM strongly condemns the airstrikes against Camp Victoria and sends condolences to the families and loved ones of the five CNA casualties.
  2. CAM firmly believes that the attacks by the military junta against Camp Victoria will deeply strengthen the hearts and minds of the CNA, Chinland Defense Forces, and the Chin people inside Burma and around the world for the struggle to end the military rule in Burma.
  3. CAM also believes that India, the largest democracy in the world, should stand with the people of Burma, as they struggle to establish democracy, and that India.should condemn the Burmese military fighters dropping a bomb on Indian soil and damaging its citizen’s truck.
Zo Tum Hmung
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The Chin Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAM) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. and Maryland. CAM empowers Chin communities in Maryland to successfully integrated into American society. CAM also advocates for durable solutions for Chin and other refugees and internally displaced persons, and religious freedom and human rights in Burma.